Masa 101: In Person Cooking Class + Snack & Drink

Masa 101: In Person Cooking Class + Snack & Drink

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In-Person Cooking Class: Masa 101


This classroom opportunity is a 2.5 hour workshop at Steel Town Cider Co. (150 Chatham St. Unit 14, Hamilton).

Taking place on Saturday, April15th from 12pm-2:30pm

There are two main parts to a tamal - the masa dough and the filling. In this session, we will cover the basics of preparing masa dough for tamales, cleaning and preparing husk and wrapping tamales. We will provide you with a pre-made vegan Mamey filling. This session will not cover filling preparation. We will be running a separate class for fillings at a later date.

Masa Dough Class Itinerary Includes:

  • 12pm to 2pm - A brief overview of masa dough history, how to approach and make masa dough for tamales, and how to wrap tamales.
  • 2pm to 2:30pm - Q&A and enjoy a Mamey black bean and sweet potato tamal + Drink of choice with alcoholic & non-alcoholic options from Steel Town Cider. 

You'll also walk away with 6 of your very own tamales + a recipe card.

*If you cannot attend, please cancel at least 2 days in advance or a refund will not be provided. Space is limited. 

Please arrive on time so we can get started right away.