The making of tamales is a ritual that has been passed down for many generations in our family. In Guatemala making and selling tamales was a way of life and of surviving for our mom when she was growing up, as well as our grandmother and great grandmother. Over the years we have eaten tamales from other parts of Latin America and have been inspired by the mix of flavours, textures and ingredients. Mamey was born out of the desire to share this ritual, our story, and this gift with you. If you are familiar with the experience of eating a tamal then this will be a nostalgic and familiar experience for you. And If you have never tried a tamal, then now is time! We provide a specialty menu of made-from-scratch, hand wrapped tamales. Our recipes are inspired from a fusion of Latin cultures from South and Central America including our "secret" family spice mix. Our chicken is halal and sourced from Sargent Farms. We have relationships with local farmers in Hamilton, Niagara-on-the-lake, and Toronto. We are passionate about sourcing meat that is ethically raised and also getting the freshest produce for our fillings. We look forward to sharing our ever evolving menu and meeting you!

Thank you for being here with us. 

Jenny & Clarissa