Why pop-ups?

We are a small start up business and are looking to create some options to connect and collaborate with the Hamilton & Toronto community, while also expanding our business at the same time. Offering pop-ups at different sites allows us to share our menu with a variety of folks and communities while expanding our reach and business. If you are interested in collaborating on a pop-up event please email us!

How often are you planning for these?

We are planning to have 1 - 5 pop-ups a month. 3 in Hamilton, 1 in Burlington, 1 pop-up in Toronto, and 1 delivery in Toronto, and others with collaborations as they come up. 

How & when can I order?

For right now, placing orders will be based on when we are hosting a pop-up. Stay tuned on our Instagram account (@mamey.ca) or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date. 

You can place a pre-order on our website in the PRE-ORDER tab. 

How do I pay?

Once you check out, there will be an option to pay with a credit card. We require pre-payment with all orders. If you'd like to pay via e-transfer please email us directly to place your order. Unfortunately once orders are made, we are not able to process any refunds. The same goes for if you’re unable to make your pick-up day. As a small business, we make everything to order and would be unable to sell your items should you cancel. 

How does the actual pick-up work?

To keep everyone safe, we ask that you wear a mask when coming into The Kitchen Collective or other pop-up locations. We ask that you please wear a mask and practice social distancing (2 meters) with staff and other customers when waiting outside or inside for your order. Please let us know your name and order number and we will provide you with your order. 

Do you do curbside pick-up?

Yes!  Please give us a call at (289) 931-4345 when you arrive at The Kitchen Collective (in Hamilton) or pop-up location and let us know your your name and order number. We will bring your order right out to you.

Can I freeze my hot tamales? 

We recommend against it. Since the tamales are already cooked when you buy them, it's best not to freeze them because they loose flavour if you freeze and steam cook again. They will keep in the fridge up to 5 days.

Can I make a special order to be picked up at these pop-ups?

If you’re interested in placing a special order of hot or frozen tamales, send us an email. We ask a minimum of 10 tamales for special orders.  

Do you deliver?

We deliver to Toronto downtown area once a month. Hamilton delivery is coming soon!

Is there anything we didn't cover here? Please email us if you have any questions at info.mamey.ca@gmail.com